Terms of Service

FarmiSpace is a product service of Data Yoo Application Co., Ltd. When using FarmiSpace, users should first read and agree to the following terms of service. When you (hereinafter referred to as "user") register as a member of FarmiSpace and use related services or functions (hereinafter referred to as "service"), the user agrees to be applicable to the Terms of Service and will be bound by its specifications (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement").

1. Membership and Account Security

  • This website mainly provides land data monitoring and analysis services.
  • The term "member" in these membership terms of service refers to those who apply through the membership registration process of this website and pass verification.
  • Users should register as FarmiSpace members before using the service. Registration as a member is free of charge. Users can apply to register a new account through a valid email address.
  • If the email address used by the user is found to be invalid, FarmiSpace has the right to suspend the user's account and delete or remove any files attached to the account without responsibility. If the user faces registration or payment refund issues due to the use of an invalid email address, the user should resubmit and confirm that it is a valid email address. The subsequent process will proceed after confirming that the reapplication account belongs to the appealing user.
  • By applying for registration as a FarmiSpace member, users are deemed to have agreed to receive any emails or electronic newsletters sent by FarmiSpace. Users are only charged when ordering or purchasing FarmiSpace services.
  • This website reserves the right to review membership qualifications. At the same time, for those who have joined the membership, this website can abide by the provisions of the terms of service and the provisions of relevant laws.
  • By using the services of this website, it means that you agree to and abide by the provisions of the terms of service and the provisions of relevant laws.
  • The amendments to the membership terms of service apply to all members. When this site revises the terms of service, it will be announced on this site, and members who continue to use this site after the announcement are considered to have agreed to the revised terms of service.

2. Privacy Protection

  • When you become a member of this website, you are deemed to agree to the privacy policy established by this website.

3. Member Registration information

  • In order to effectively provide member services on this website, members must provide registration information, including basic personal information, contact information, and payment information. Members must ensure the validity and completeness of registration information.
  • All member registration information must not be forged, untrue, etc. Once found, the company may refuse its right to join the membership, and may suspend or terminate its membership. Any violation of the relevant laws of the Republic of China (Taiwan) will also be investigated according to the law. Registering as a member of this website means that you have declared that the member information provided is valid and legal. If there is any false information, you are willing to bear the relevant legal responsibilities.
  • When member registration information changes, please update relevant personal information on this website from time to time to ensure its validity and completeness. If the information provided by you is wrong, resulting in the delay or inability to provide services on this website, the consequences shall be borne by the members themselves.
  • Without the consent of the member himself, the company will not provide personal privacy information to third parties in principle, except for the principle of data sharing... etc. (please refer to the "Privacy Policy" of this site)
  • In order to provide marketing, market analysis, statistics or research, members agree that the company, or the company's strategic partners, may record, save, and use the information and records stored or generated by members on this website. Statistical data may be published or used without disclosing specific information.

4. Member Behavior

  • All actions taken by members using this service must comply with relevant national or international laws and regulations. Members must not use this website and derivative services to engage in acts that infringe the rights and interests of others or violate the law.
  • When members use the membership services provided by this website, the following situations must not occur:
    • a. Detrimental to other people's personality or intellectual property rights such as trademark rights and copyrights or other rights.
    • b. Using words that violate public order or good customs or are otherwise illegal.
    • c. Radical remarks with strong political and religious overtones.
    • d. Other content that violates the "Membership Terms of Service" of this site.

5. Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

  • The software, programs and all content on this website, including but not limited to works, pictures, files, information, materials, website structure, and web design, are legally owned by this website or other obligees with their intellectual property rights, including but not limited to trademark rights, patent rights, copyrights, trade secrets and proprietary technology.
  • Ordinary members are not allowed to use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, adapt, distribute, issue, publicly disclose, reverse engineering, decompile or disassemble. If you want to quote or reproduce the aforementioned software, programs or website content, you must obtain the prior written consent of this website or other obligees according to law. If there is any violation, you shall be liable for damages to this website or other obligees (including but not limited to litigation costs and attorney fees, etc.), and shall compensate the company for punitive liquidated damages of 500,000 NTD.

6. Proprietary Rights of the Company

  • All software or content contained in this website or linked to this website, or the content provided by the company's advertisers and partners, are protected by their copyrights or other proprietary rights or laws.
  • The company agrees that, in addition to placing the aforementioned member information and derivative works may be placed on this website for Internet users to browse, and may also be used by related media affiliated to the company in accordance with the terms of use, it will never illegally transfer them to other direct profit-making purposes or infringe your rights.
  • The advertising boards and event information, ownership and management rights that appear on all web pages of this website are owned by the company. Users are not allowed to use all information unless they have obtained the prior consent of the company.

7. Termination of Authorization

  • If there is any violation of laws or the terms of use or the risk of harming the rights and interests of this website or a third party in the use of this service by members, the company has the right to immediately temporarily or permanently terminate the authorization of members to use this service without notice.

8. Membership Termination and the Company's Notification Obligation

  • The company has the right to change the content of various services or terminate any member account service.
  • If a member decides to terminate their membership with the company, they can directly notify the company by email or use the mechanism provided by the company to cancel. The company will cancel your membership information as soon as possible.
  • Members have the obligation to notify the company of the cancellation of their membership, and from the date of cessation of their membership (based on the date of email sent by the company), they will lose all the benefits and rights provided by this service.
  • In order to avoid the loss of the rights and interests of members due to malicious events, when the member notifies the company to stop the membership, the company will confirm again by email before canceling the membership.

9. Disclaimer

  • When the following situations occur, this website has the right to stop and interrupt the provision of this service:
    • a. When replacing, upgrading, maintaining or constructing software and hardware equipment related to this service.
    • b. When a sudden failure of electronic communication equipment occurs.
    • c. When natural disasters or other force majeure factors make this website unable to provide services by the user.
  • The company shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or non-monetary damages arising from users' use of this website or any actions related thereto.
  • The company does not assume any guarantee responsibility for the purpose or results of using this service, nor does it guarantee that the software related to this service will be free from defects or will be corrected.
  • All remarks, opinions or behaviors of members on this site represent only the individual members; they do not represent the position of the company, and the company does not take any responsibility. The company does not guarantee the correctness of the identities claimed by members.
  • The company is not responsible for any intimidation, defamation, obscenity or other illegal acts that occur on or through the service to the member himself or anyone else.

10. Other Regulations

  • The user agreement and disclaimer of this website also constitute a part of these terms of use.
  • For all disputes arising from the use of this service, the Taiwan Shilin District Court shall be the court of first instance jurisdiction.
  • If the company is investigated or prosecuted by a third party or administrative agency due to any behavior of the member using the service, the company has the right to request compensations from the member, including but not limited to litigation costs, attorney fees and reputation loss, etc.
  • For predictable software and hardware maintenance work, the company may cause system interruption or suspension, and will notify members in an appropriate manner before such situation occurs.